Sacred Harp Singers of Dublin

Shape note singing in Dublin
Dublin All-Day Singing 2017



Dublin All-Day Singing!

Sacred Harp Singers of Dublin warmly invite you to sing with us on Saturday 2nd May. Hope to see you there!

Workshop with Tim Eriksen

Wednesday 22nd October 2014 7-9

Franciscan Friary, Merchant’s Quay, Dublin 8.

Tim Eriksen’s work as an ethnomusicologist and teacher has included extensive research on shape-note music in New England and the venerable Sacred Harp four-part harmony tradition. He is a founder of what is currently the world’s largest Sacred Harp singing convention, in Northampton, MA. In the words of Paste Magazine editor Josh Jackson, “no one has done more to help revive Sacred Harp singing among a younger generation.”

Sacred Harp Dublin have moved!

As of this evening, 7th Feb 2014, we will no longer be singing in Trinity College. Our lovely new room is at the back of the Franciscan Friary on Cook St, D8 (entrance at roughly no. 80, grey door- contact for more info). The acoustics are great and we will have tea and coffee making facilities, so we’re really looking forward to settling in. Here are a few shots of our new home from our Second Birthday Singing last week (courtesy of Brian Flanagan). See you there, Fridays 7-9!