Singing Safely Checklist

This checklist outlines the steps we will take to reduce the COVID-19 risk for singing attendees.

We will treat a singing as an organised gathering and follow recommendations as set out by the government:

Organised gatherings “are controlled environments with a named event organiser, owner or manager.” For the purposes of singing, the organiser will be the people undertaking the roles of Secretary and COVID-19 Officer. Their responsibilities are set out below.

Can a singing be organised based on Level status as per Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19?

Level Status in DublinCan singing be organised?
Level 1Yes
Level 2Yes
Level 3Outdoor only
Level 4Outdoor only
Level 5No

Can people travel from outside Dublin to attend singing?

Where BOTH Dublin and the country of origin are at Level 1 or 2, then yes. Otherwise, no.

Organising Singing

ActivityResponsible Role
Confirm level statusSecretary
Confirm attendance of Secretary and COVID-19 OfficerSecretary
Publish singing details with
– link to Singing Safely Checklist
– COVID-19 Attendance Form
– request for singers to bring their own books, PPE and hand sanitiser
Collate completed COVID-19 attendance formsSecretary

Outdoor Singing

ActivityResponsible Role
Mark locations for people to singing to comply with minimum 2m physical distancingCOVID-19 Officer
Request that everyone maintains a minimum of 2m physical distancing when arriving and leavingCOVID-19 Officer
Record attendance and take minutesSecretary
Compare attendance to COVID-19 Attendance Forms and request anyone who has not completed it to do so or leaveSecretary
Everyone wears a mask or visor while singingCOVID-19 Officer
No leading from the centre of the square (increased risk as the leader is being breathed at from all directions)COVID-19 Officer
Take a 5 minute break every 30 minutesSecretary
Request everyone uses hand sanitiserCOVID-19 Officer
Do not bring food to shareCOVID-19 Officer
Everyone should bring their own book if possible. Loaner books will be provided where required. Those using loaner books are requested to use hand sanitiser before and after use.COVID-19 Officer

Indoor Singing

ActivityResponsible Role
All activities as per outdoor singingCOVID-19 Officer / Secretary
Compliance with venue health and safety requirements. These are expected to include:
– adequate ventilation*
– distancing on entry and exit
– distancing while in venue
– use of hand sanitiser and PPE while in venue
COVID-19 Officer

*As per HSE article “Guidance on building ventilation during COVID-19 V1.0 22.09.2020”, ensuring adequate ventilation is expect to include activities such as: opening windows 15 minutes before singing; leaving windows open until 15 minutes after singing; avoid directing airflow onto attendees; avoid use of mechanical fans; request people leave the room during breaks.

After Singing

ActivityResponsible Role
Keep a record of attendance and COVID-19 Attendance forms for attendeesSecretary
Contact attendees if required to inform them of issuesSecretary

After Singing Socials

We have traditionally gone to the pub after singing. If our members choose to have a social gathering after singing, this will not form part of the organised event. We encourage our members to follow all venue and public health guidance.